Joshua Kell


I have enjoyed living in many diverse cities, including Chicago, Boston, Santa Monica, Ann Arbor, etc, and uncovering what's unique about each along the way. I'm a storyteller by education (writing, fiction) and trade (product management and marketing), so I am always seeking to provide the best and most engaging narrative, regardless of audience or end goal.Recently I have been focused on Consulting for and Advising early stage ventures or companies looking to scale/grow their digital offerings, through tactics like product-led strategy, rapid expansion into new markets, securing funding, end user outcome-driven feature refinement, and/or refining their Go To Market strategy.Angel Investor & Advisor for a small number of promising startups. However I have recently begun searching for my next (long term) professional challenge!Personal interests include travel & hospitality, literary fiction, music, teaching and mentoring, disruptive technologies, as well as user and data privacy online. Aspiring road cyclist on the weekends, as well as passionate advocate and volunteer for healthy Great Lakes and all of Earth's waters, and the environment in general.


Always ready to network, jump on an online call for a virtual coffee to “talk shop,” and generally help where I can (as a brainstorming partner, listening ear, or trusted advisor). Feel free to reach out if you’d like to connect, chat, or just say "hello." :)